Our goal at MARTOR is to help employers’ access safe, quality tools that protect and prevent the injury of their staff. While using the right safety tools for the job is one of the best ways to prevent injury, sometimes accidents do happen and you may be required to provide immediate and effective first aid.

Are you prepared?

Let’s talk about how to ensure you have the right processes in place to prevent injury and how to prepare your staff to properly deal with an emergency situation.

Prevention - First Aid Risk Assessment

A thorough risk assessment of your workplace is required to ensure you can put the right first aid facilities, equipment and training in place to protect your staff and property.

You should assess:

  • the type of work being carried out
  • the hazards and potential hazards
  • the size and location of your workplace
  • the number of people at your workplace at any time (staff, contractors and visitors).

It’s important to involve your managers and staff in this process, as they have a thorough understanding of the day to day risks and potential hazards involved with carrying out their role.

Tools & Equipment

Now that you have assessed your workplace, review the tools and equipment that is required by your staff to undertake their work. Some of the areas you may look at are:

  • what tools, equipment or machinery is being used?
  • is machinery safely installed, guarded and up to standard?
  • are workers wearing the correct safety gear?
  • are tools or equipment regularly reviewed and replaced?
  • are first aid kits in high-risk areas (as determined by your risk assessment?)

Using the right tools and equipment for the right job and replacing potentially hazardous equipment is essential to put safety first.

Specialised Training

All employees should be appropriately trained in the use of their tools and equipment. Consult with the suppliers of your tools, equipment and machinery to ascertain if they can provide specialised training to ensure safe use of their products.

Did you know our MARTOR technical consultants can support you in training your staff in the use of any of our products. This training increases efficiency of use and reduces the risk of cutting accidents. We can provide this training onsite or through our online training videos – just talk to our team to determine what is best for your workplace.

Preparation - First Aid Training

As an employer, you must provide first aid equipment, access to that equipment, and training for an adequate amount of workers to administer first aid when required.

First Aid Australia specifies that:

“A trained first aider should hold a nationally recognised statement of attainment from a registered training organisation. Some workplaces may require more specific or advanced first aid training depending on the nature of the work or the workplace. First aiders should attend training regularly so their knowledge and skills are up-to-date.”

All companies will have different first aid training requirements based on the work carried out and hazards experienced during that process. Please consult your state or territory work health and safety authority if you have questions about your specific requirements.

At the end of the day, a safe workplace is a successful workplace, so it’s worth going to extra mile to ensure the health and safety of your teams!

If you would like to talk to us about using our safety knives in your business and receiving the relevant training, contact us here or call us on 61 3 5940 4476.