Safety Knives

Safety knives have become an indispensable tool in workplaces across the world, including Australia. Carefully designed to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries during everyday cutting tasks, safety knives have found their place in warehouses, distribution centres, offices, manufacturing sites, construction sites, healthcare, mining and more.

When equipped with sharp blades, safety knives are the perfect tool to effortlessly cut through cardboard, pallet strapping, tape, shrink wrap, foam, bagged goods, carpet and more, ensuring efficient and secure cutting. The retractable and concealed blades, ergonomic and anti-slip handles and safety locks of MARTOR safety knives provide a more controlled cutting experience, eliminating concerns about potential injury and stock damage.

At MARTOR, we understand the significance of safety in every workplace. Our mission is to provide you with knives that are not only sharp and well-made but also prioritise your safety. We are committed to working collaboratively with you to establish safer working environments by offering the best solutions for safe cutting. 

Scroll down to explore a selection of the exceptional MARTOR safety knives we have in stock. Embrace the power of safety and precision while experiencing the reliability and satisfaction that comes from using MARTOR products.

Ultimate Selection of Knives & Cutters (Product Showcase)

MARTOR has established itself as the leading supplier of safety knives around the world. Our vast range of Safety Knives, Box Cutters, Metal Detectable Knives, Scrapers, Scissors and more are essential tools across a wide range of industries. Whether it's in shipping, warehousing, distribution, retail, construction, or any other industry, MARTOR safety knives elevate safety and productivity to new heights. 

At MARTOR, we understand the importance of having the right tool for the job. That's why we take immense pride in our comprehensive collection of high-quality safety knives and cutters. Ready to explore the ultimate range of safety knives? Scroll down to discover the range of MARTOR safety knives and box cutters today. 


Designed with sustainability in mind, our eco-friendly knives are made using recycled, environmentally friendly materials, minimising their impact on the environment.


The blades on the MARTOR range of SECUMAX safety cutters are concealed, which means the cutting edge is shielded from both the user and the packaged goods. This design not only provides you with the utmost safety against cut injuries but also cleverly protects your goods.


Fully automatic retraction knives feature an very high level of safety; once the blade leaves the material being cut, it automatically retracts safely back into the handle seamlessly, even if you continue pressing the slider or the handle.


Automatic retraction knives feature a high level of safety; once you’ve started cutting, simply lift your thumb from the slider, and the blade will promptly retract into the handle the instant it loses contact with the cutting material.


These specialised cutting tools are made from Metal detectable Plastic (they are also referred to as MDP knives). They are perfect for sectors such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, or any other industry where manual cutting is required inside or nearby highly sensitive production areas. 


Safety Scissors are versatile and suitable for cutting applications in schools, art rooms, offices, warehouses, craft rooms, kitchens, and virtually any space where scissors are normally used. MARTOR safety scissors are specially ground to straight-ground cutting edge, resulting in scissors that are sharp enough for effective cutting, but that won’t pose any danger. The rounded tips further contribute to preventing stab injuries, while users effortlessly cut through cardboard, paper, film, fabrics, yarn, or strapping bands.


Handheld deburring tools are used to eliminate burrs from the raw edges and holes of a product. This procedure transforms a rough cut into a smooth finish, ensuring the item can efficiently fulfil its intended purpose. Our high-quality deburring cutters are versatile, and can be used on soft and hard materials, on internal or external edges, or on curved and straight surfaces


A hand scraper is a tool with a single-edged blade used for scraping metal or other materials off a surface. With Scrapers, you can meticulously clean all smooth surfaces, ensuring a traceless result. Effortlessly eliminate labels, stickers, paint, varnish residue, glue, mortar, and various other substances from surfaces.


With a manual retraction knife, you can manually extend and sheathe the blade at your whim, providing you with control over when and how the blade is exposed or concealed.


Graphic and bladeless cutters are designed for precision cutting in graphic design and crafting, For precision enthusiasts who value accuracy down to the millimeter, our GRAFIX tools ensure reliable and unparalleled precision, whether you're working professionally or handling tasks at home. 

Key Features

When it comes to safety knives, MARTOR stands tall as a leader in the industry. Every MARTOR safety knife is engineered with user-friendly features, making them a favourite choice, particularly in sectors where safety is highly valued. Our focus on durability and quality ensures every tool is built to last and provides accurate cutting capabilities.

MARTOR's unwavering commitment to user safety is evident in our inventive design and high-quality engineering. Safety features are integrated across our range to enhance user protection by preventing inadvertent blade exposure when the knife is not in use or to protect the user when the knife is in use. Plus, our ergonomic excellence prioritises user comfort, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience even during extended cutting sessions. This results in a safety knife that can cut through a variety of materials, while significantly reducing the chances of a workplace injury.

Choose MARTOR for your safety knife needs and experience the difference that quality, innovation, and over 50 years of experience in the safety knife industry can make. If you require any assistance or have specific requirements, our friendly staff members are always available to help you. Get in touch with us directly through our Contact Us page for personalized assistance.