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Martor promotional knives.

Five good reasons to use them.

The best promotional gifts leave a lasting impression, especially when they offer the recipient something different, long-lasting, and practical. Few promotional gifts do this.

Our MARTOR promotional knives offer everything that the best promotional gift can provide – in 5 different ways:


An innovative cutting tool made and designed in Germany with multiple awards for both form and function. Add your brand, and you have the perfect marketing tool in your hands.


Our safety knives are being used around the world in workplaces every day. Why not provide a practical promotional safety knife as a gift to your customers or employees that you can use in the workplace?


While providing a practical promotional gift, you'll also be providing a safe promotional gift! MARTOR knives are GS-tested for safety and feature tried and tested safety technologies


Our promotional knives are not gimmicks but high-quality products that have proven themselves in many different environments. Your customers and employees will enjoy long-term use.


We are confident that MARTOR promotional knives will surprise, delight, and inspire your customers and employees – while promoting your brand at the same time.