Blade Recycling program

What are you currently doing with your used blades?

Throwing used blades directly in the bin is highly discouraged, and can potentially harm anyone coming into contact with the waste – from your own staff to the workers involved in the waste disposal process.

Join our NEW Blade Recycling Program for Cutting Safety
If you are looking for simple ways to become more sustainable as a business, want to prevent injuries from unsafe blade disposal, or want to do both, join our NEW Blade Recycling program!

How does our program work?

  1. Purchase a Used Blade Container from MARTOR Australia (part number #9810).
  2. Once your container is full, simply lock it, complete a return form (available here), and return to MARTOR Australia.
  3. Once we receive your container, we will send back a replacement container discounted at 50% for you to begin using – and the cycle can repeat as long as you have used blades to recycle!

We offer this service for used MARTOR blades only. Any hazardous goods, sharps, needles, or biohazards will be returned at cost to the customer.

For more information or to speak to our customer service please call us on
03 5940 4476 or email [email protected]