Safe Cutting Information

Cutting without risks? That‘s somehow a contradiction. For years and decades we have been driven by our desire to resolve this contradiction.

TÜV-certified safety knife

In 1976 we brought the first TÜV-certified safety knife in the world on the market, our PROFI. In order to increase cutting safety, fully automatic blade retraction followed automatic blade retraction. MARTOR was a pioneer here too. Today, our product range additionally includes a large number of cutting tools with concealed blades, the highest safety level.

We have set standards with our GS-certified safety knives that are essential for cutting safety and protection at work. Numerous patents prove our strength to innovate. For us, safe is just not safe enough. Based on our four safety technologies and according to your needs, we aim to develop the “ideal cutting solution”. This also includes, amongst other features, to make the blade change as easy and safe as possible.

TÜV-certified safety knife

We increasingly focus on “user friendliness“. Our ambassadors are our new products – for even better  ergonomics and a new modern design.

Here you can find further information on the topic "Why safety knives" (pdf).

Safe cutting with MARTOR – outstanding quality made in Germany