With our brand relaunch we have not limited ourselves to small changes, but we have repositioned ourselves in many different areas. Our claim goes far beyond design. As an international brand for safe cutting, we will concentrate even more on the essential: on you. Your safety, your comfort and your benefit. You can look forward to high quality products and services. Our motto invites you to: ENJOY SAFETY MADE IN SOLINGEN.


Experience proven quality also with the design. Clear lines, distinctive shapes and consistent colours characterize the appearance of our brand. Our logo is a very good example for the look. The truncated “a” gives you a first impression of our business: professional cutting tools to increase work efficency and safety in the workplace.


Our company colour is blue, cyan to be precise. That was always the case for our logo, but not for our products. We have changed that now. The product parts that were red now shine brightly in fresh cyan. This will not impact the quality of our products. But it will help you to recognise MARTOR at first sight.


When it comes to cutting tools, MARTOR has the right solution for everyone. Our name system helps you to find the most suitable product even faster. Example safety knives: For better guidance all product names start with a group name that provides information on the safety technology and thus on the degree of work safety: SECUMAX, SECUPRO and SECUNORM.


Another piece in the jigsaw, in order to familiarize with our products even more quickly. We have allocated pictograms to all our cuttings tools, stating information about 1. technical characteristics, 2. main cutting materials, 3. fitting accessories and 4. our services. Ideal to use for a quick product comparison. By the way: the four icons shown are only a small example excerpt of our pictogram system.