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We are MARTOR Australia, your number one suppliers of top notch styropor blades in Sydney. We are entirely committed to being next to you in each emergency you may need to confront, with cutting solutions designed exclusively to be used in every situation you encounter. Our operations are heavily based on these 3 pillars on which we built our philosophy:
  • Our styropor blades in Sydney are easy and safe to use. Here at MARTOR Australia we realize that keeping safety compliance as high as possible is one of the reasons to design and manufacture our second to none solutions.
  • Our styropor blades in Sydney are designed according to the best assembling principles, which guarantee they will be completely working when you need them.
  • These styropor blades in Sydney just as some other safety cutting solutions we offer, are not difficult to use and easy to get used to.
Once you have chosen MARTOR Australia as the ideal spot to buy your styropor blades in Sydney, you can have peace of mind knowing you have chosen the ideal answer for dependably slicing through any kind of material; and you don’t even need any kind of experience using these types of solutions to use our cutting tools efficiently.
At the point when you pick MARTOR Australia to buy your deluxe styropor blades in Sydney you are not choosing a business that is new to this industry, we have more than 20 years of involvement selling the best cutting and deburring arrangements in this and other 70 nations too, and +75 years of history occupied with blades fabricating since the time MARTOR set up as the main brand among blade manufacturing businesses in Germany, as we have from that point forward, made our customers’ safety our first concern.


Why martor is unique



Multiple awards for form and function.


GS-tested safety Technology to protect users.


Precision and effortless cutting of paper anf film.


Enjoy long-term use High-quality products.

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