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The surface achieved by one of our deluxe scrapers in Adelaide can be superior to a surface produced by even the finest sandpaper, so if you are serious about getting the smoothest possible surface, use a scraper. The simplest type of scraper is the hand scrapers in Adelaide we sell at MARTOR Australia, the number one supplier of cutting and deburring solutions that use only second to none materials that can only be found when knowing how to look for the best options in the market. A hand scraper is simply a flat piece of tool steel that has a sharp burr on its edge. The edges are square with the face of the scraper. The simplest type has a rectangular shape and can be used easily by anyone.
Our professionals with over 50 years of combined experience are a superior team of experts that know a lot about safety knives and the safety knife industry, and they would love to hear about your company or household and what you need to get from a scraper in Adelaide made by MARTOR Australia. We are truly proud of designing and manufacturing second to none knives, concealed blades, and more similar products that exceed all expectations in terms of safety and efficiency. Here at MARTOR Australia, we are entirely committed to learning from our customers, so we need you to start sharing your experience so we can evolve and keep on providing cutting solutions that are comprehensive and adaptable to a wide array of needs you may have through your daily operations.
If you are looking for second to none scrapers in Adelaide, seek no further; we are MARTOR Australia, the first place to look for your reliable cutting and de-burring solutions. Reach our friendly customer support team so we can tell you all the details about our products.


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Multiple awards for form and function.


GS-tested safety Technology to protect users.


Precision and effortless cutting of paper anf film.


Enjoy long-term use High-quality products.

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