The SECUMAX ZEPHER stands out due to its size, its design, and the way its is used. What other cutter can cut up to 40 layers of plastic film at once? Or paper layered to a similar thickness?


The wedge shaped metal cutting foot makes it so easy to cut into a roll of material. And easy to keep the cut rolling.


And, the blade is concealed for your protection. That is what we call "maximum safety".




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  • Ergonomic Shape

    This unusually shaped cutting tool is surprisingly ergonomical. The large handle fits firmly and securely in your hand. Its made to carry out heavy cutting under pressure.

  • Robustly Built

    Made from high quality materials the robust design of the Zepher will suit many cutting applications. The guide bar is made of metal and is therefore particularly abrasion resistant.

  • Suitable for all users

    Whether you are right or left handed it doesn't matter with the SECUMAX ZEPHER. This safety knife will provide a clean and safe cutting experience for both left and right handed users. 

  • 2-Cutting Edge Blade

    Fit with a quality Martor blade that can be turned over and used twice. Double the life of your blade and reduce the energy you consume when not cutting with a dull blade.