Cutting Mat

Do you want to cut without damaging surfaces? No problem!


Our high-quality MARTOR cutting mats are perfect for when you need to cut paper, card, film and more! Made of three layers: a solid core and two resistant outer surfaces, the mats easily tolerate high-pressure cutting whilst always remaining smooth and alllows you to continue working cleanly. 



MARTOR cutting mats are equipped with a self-healing surface. They tolerate cuts from the sharpest MARTOR blades and under the highest pressures and look new again after cutting.



MARTOR cutting mats are available in five different sizes, from very large to very small. Depending on the task and the working environment, you'll always find the size you need.


#3005 - Extra Small  148x 210  x 3mm 

#3004 - Small             230 x 320 x 3mm

#3003 - Medium        320 x 440 x 3mm

#3002 - Large             440 x 620 x 3mm

#3001 - Extra Large  620 x 870 x 3mm


Cutting Mat

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