What would an R U OK? culture look like in your workplace?

September 10 is R U OK? day, dedicated to connecting meaningfully with people around you and supporting those struggling with life. With most Australians spending 38-42 hours per week on average at work, it is important that we make mental health a part of the work environment.

In an R U OK? culture all employees are encouraged to talk about the struggles they may be experiencing, will not be judged, feel psychologically safe, and are supported by management and peers as they work through those challenges.

"People who are exposed to the R U OK? campaign are up to six times more likely to reach out to someone who might be experiencing personal difficulties than those who are not exposed to the campaign" - R U OK?

R U OK? has released new resources to encourage more business leaders, owners, and employees to build an R U OK? culture in their workplace. The resources, including the R U OK? Workplace Champions Guide promotes peer-to-peer support and regular meaningful conversations amongst colleagues in the workplace. The guide provides an action plan, culture tracker and, worksheets. You can download your free guide HERE and become a Champion for change in your workplace today.

At MARTOR Australia we recognise the role mental health plays in our lives and the need to look after ourselves and those around us has proven to be more important than ever.

We encouraged all our customers, suppliers, colleagues, and friends to stay connected and make time every day to take a break, check in on each other, and, importantly look after yourself.

A simple conversation could change a life and remember it's ok to not be ok!




R U OK? Work Resources

R U OK? Community Resources

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