Training...here's why it's important!

Recently a customer contacted us to say an employee's knife had broken after only 2 months of use. No details were given on how this happened but upon further investigation with the employee it was discovered that the knife had actually been taken apart completely in an attempt to replace the blade, making the knife both unsafe and no longer functional.

Why and how could this have happened?

Safety knives operate differently than your standard exposed blade utility knives and it was likely that the employee was either not provided with the appropriate training needed to operate a safety knife and/or failed to read the enclosed technical data sheet supplied with each safety knife.

At MARTOR Australia our advice to employers is when giving a safety knife to an employee they should be trained in its use and how to maintain the cutting tool prior to use. Training should include how to use the knife, how to change the blade and dispose of it safely and, how to maintain the knife.

Training will take no more than 10 minutes, can be completed individually or as a group and can be completed using our FREE support materials such as our technical data sheets (supplied with each knife), training posters and training videos. All of these can be download here or contact us and we can provided these for you.

MARTOR Australia's technical consultants are also available for contact free consultations and training. If you have a cutting problem or new staff members who are unfamiliar with your cutting applications we can provide help from a safe distance so your employees can continue to work efficiently and safely.

Contact us today via phone, email or our website:

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