The perfect introduction to safety knives.

"I need a long blade to cut, I don't want to push the blade out every time, safety knives are too expensive, I've never cut myself before, why change"

Sound familiar? It does to us!

Cutting accidents are common in every industry and an ever-increasing number of companies want to get on the front foot and prevent cut injuries from happening rather than take action afterwards. But there is always opposition to change! We have seen too often these opposing views prevail and, in the end, prevent the introduction and use of safety knives in companies where they are needed the most and unfortunately they have resulted in injury to workers.

There is however one safety knife that can overcome the arguments mentioned above in terms of both ease of use, efficiency, and, safety - that is the SECUNORM MIZAR.

Some of the benefits of the SECUNORM MIZAR are:

  • The blade is available when you need it and the cutting task can be fulfilled as quickly as you would with a utility knife

  • The use of the ergonomic lever to push out the blade prevents fatigue in your hand even during long sessions of cutting

  • It comes as a budget-friendly solution for a great variety of cutting tasks

  • It offers a high safety level thanks to the blade automatically retracting when the knife is not in operation

  • The non-segmented blade prevents blades snapping off and being lost or damaging product

  • It features a safety lock to prevent accidently pushing out blade and for safe storage when not in use

The SECUNORM MIZAR is the perfect introduction to safety knives and makes taking the step to switching from a non-safe solution to a safer cutting environment smooth and effortless.

For more information on the SECUNORM MIZAR you can download the brochure here or watch the product video here.

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