Avoid wrap rage this Christmas!

We’ve all experienced wrap rage at some point, that frustration when we just can’t open a product packaged in so much plastic it was surely designed to send us mad.

At Christmas time there is nothing more frustrating than when you unwrap a present only to find the toy or gift inside is in a blister pack or is held in with what seems like a million twist ties that you need to remove before you can use it. Even the most patient person will be reaching for the nearest sharp object to stab, tear or rip the package open or even try to use their bare hands or teeth get it open!

No one wants to end up in the emergency room on Christmas Day but these methods often end up resulting in cuts to hands, fingers and, mouths and medical bills you didn't expect to receive for Christmas!

To make your Christmas Day a frustration-free zone we've selected a few of our most popular concealed blade cutters to help you open all those presents!




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