Slider or Squeeze Grip - which one is right for you?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

When looking to purchase a safety knife one of the things to think about is whether you want a knife that features a slider or squeeze grip mechanism for releasing the cutting blade.

Read a bit more about both types of knives below.


Operating MARTOR squeeze grip knives is easy - simply squeeze the trigger to release the cutting blade, start your cut and the automatic blade retraction will send the blade back into the handle when contact is lost with the material or when you release your hand.

Squeeze grip safety knives are considered by many users to be easier to operate than a knife with a slider mechanism as the squeeze grip is a more natural way of holding a knife and therefore highly ergonomic.

Examples of Squeeze Grip Safety Knives:


Safety Knives with sliders require the operator to use their thumb to trigger the release of the cutting blade. Simply push the slider forward, start cutting, and, once the cut is finished or the blade loses traction with the cutting surface, the blade will retract automatically back into the handle.

Examples of Safety Knives with sliders:

There is no doubt that a squeeze grip knife is 'easier' to use but slider style knives are also designed to be as user friendly as possible. In the end, it really comes down to personal preference!

The one thing that is important when using either style of knife is training. When you receive your new MARTOR Safety Knife make sure you read all the instructions contained within the packet, download and watch the free training video for the knife you are using and, download the safety poster to display in your work area.

Still unsure which MARTOR knife is right for you? Try out our PRODUCT FILTER or contact our team on 61 3 5940 4476 to assist you.

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