Sharpen Up - Recycle your used blades with MARTOR

While it’s important to replace your blades often to prevent accidents and injury due to poor-performing knives – that also means implementing safe and mindful disposal of the used blades.

Luckily, we can now help make recycling them easy!

We are very proud to announce that at MARTOR Australia, we are implementing a blade recycling program so you can stay safe AND do your part to recycle valuable resources.

Workplace initiatives to become more sustainable as a business is good for staff morale and increasing customer loyalty – so we think recycling your used blades is a win-win for you and our environment!

What are you currently doing with your used blades?

Throwing them directly in the trash is highly discouraged, and can potentially harm anyone coming into contact with the waste – from your own staff to the workers involved in the waste disposal process.

You can either regularly purchase metal containers to store the used blades, which can then be taken to your local recycling center and disposed of, or buy a MARTOR Used Blade Container once and get a lifetime of recycling!

How does our program work?

  1. Purchase a Used Blade Container from MARTOR Australia (part number #9810). Why? You should never place used blades in a standard rubbish bin where they could become a safety hazard. Our containers are specifically designed for safe blade disposal – once a blade goes in, there is no chance of someone accidentally coming in contact with the blades.

  2. Once your container is full, simply lock it, complete a return form (available here) and return to MARTOR Australia.

  3. Once we receive your container, we will send back a totally free replacement container for you to begin using – and the cycle can repeat as long as you have used blades to recycle!

(We offer this service for used blades only. Any containers with hazardous goods, sharps, needles, or biohazards will be returned at cost to the customer.)

We also offer a Safebox (part number #108000) for safe, on-the-go disposal of blades – until they can be emptied into the Used Blade Container for eventual recycling. The Safebox can also be used to ‘shorten’ your snap-off blades.

Would you like to join our recycling program?

Click here to purchase your Used Blade Container and begin safely storing and recycling your used blades – or give our team a call on 03 5940 4476 if you have any questions about implementing this within your business.

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