Our top 4 picks for Warehousing & Distribution

Updated: 6 days ago

Do you work in distribution, warehousing or logistics? Are you looking to improve safety, eliminate cut injuries and reduce stock damage?

Standard utility knives can be unsafe for employees, causing cuts and severe lacerations plus, they can also cause damage to valuable stock. Whether you are cutting shrink wrap, cardboard, packaging tape, plastic strapping and other materials there is a MARTOR safety knife that will do the job just as well as a standard utility knife - and safely!

Take a look at our 4 most popular safety knives used by some of Australia's largest distribution and warehousing companies and contact us today on +61 3 5940 4476 to discuss how we can assist you further OR request a free sample here

SECUMAX 145 - #145001

SECUMAX 150 - #150001

SECUMAX 350 - #350001

SECUMAX 320 - #32000110

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