NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Large cutting depth and metal detectable.

The food and pharmaceutical industries know that foreign bodies can inadvertently enter the production process during manufacturing. This results in contaminated products, costly recalls, and tarnished image. In collaboration with both industries MARTOR has developed its metal detectable safety knives and now welcomes the NEW SECUNORM Profi40 to the range.

The new SECUNORM Profi40 MDP is a metal-detectable safety knife with a particularly large cutting depth. Its extremely robust handle is made of rustproof, paint-free aluminium to prevent contamination from rust or chipped paint. High-quality metal-detectable plastic is used for the knife's inner parts which, even in the minutest of particles, can be found by in-house detectors and sensors and visual sighting is also made easier by the plastic's distinctive blue colour.

Sensitive industries such as the food and pharmaceutical industries opt for MDP products not only to prevent potential incidents caused by contamination, but also to protect their employees from cutting injuries. The GS-certified SECUNORM Profi40 MDP is equipped with automatic blade retraction, which means the blade instantly retracts into the handle as soon as it leaves the cutting material, the user just needs to take their thumb away from the slider after piercing the cutting material.

With a 36 mm cutting depth, the SECUNORM Profi40 MDP is ideal for a wide range of industrial cutting applications. Users can safely and efficiently cut multi-ply cardboard, plastic strapping bands, film, and bagged goods. Even thicker material such as foam or polystyrene is no problem for the long, flexible blade. Plus changing the stainless-steel blade is a simple, tool free task.

For further information visit www.martoraustralia.com.au