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IWelcome to MARTOR Australia, the leading providers of metal detect knives in Australia and cutting-edge solutions for cutting tasks in general. Our metal detect knives in Brisbane are always un-lacquered in order to eliminate coloured chippings. Moreover, we use a particular high-quality plastic we have developed together with a professional partner from the plastics industry. Its detectability has proven itself in daily practice with countless customers. If you want second to none metal detect knives in Brisbane, safety knives or any blade solution you require.
Get superior detectability in our knives, as the parts and particles always depend on the quality and settings of your detectors on site. We make sure our metal detect knives in Brisbane are developed according to the most demanding standards known to this day. In order to bring our customers the best metal detect knives in Brisbane, we have been working for years with metal detectable safety knives (industrial knives, box cutters and film cutters). We differentiate from providers of deluxe metal detect knives in Brisbane because we work together with our clients so we can learn from each other and find the most suitable solutions for any kind of task you encounter. Our support and knowledge will lead to the reduction of cut injuries, increase your safety record and best of all reduce costs and lost production time.
Based in Solingen, Germany, MARTOR has been in operation for more than 75 years, designing and manufacturing the world’s best safety knives and cutters as well as top-notch metal detect knives in Brisbane. Trust us today if you want more information about our top-notch solutions. In case you are interested in our metal detect knives in Brisbane, or have questions concerning this topic please directly contact our sales staff, thy will be glad to help you and tell you every single detail you need to know.


Why martor is unique



Multiple awards for form and function.


GS-tested safety Technology to protect users.


Precision and effortless cutting of paper anf film.


Enjoy long-term use High-quality products.

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