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MDP Safety Cutters & Knives

Martor has specifically designed cutting tools made of metal detectable plastic for use within the food industry.  Contaminants entering the production process can led to serious damage to machines, products, product recalls and even injuries to customers.  The result? High cost to you and and potential loss of customers, image and income.

Our MDP safety knives are identical to the non-MDP equivalent models. They are equipped with the same proven safety technology and are suitable for the same cutting materials.

The differences in our MDP knives is that they are un-lacquered in order to eliminate coloured chippings contaminating product and they are made with high quality plastic developed alongside our partners from the plastics industry. Its detectability has proven itself in daily practice with countless customers.

Reminder:  The detectability of knives, parts and particles always depends on the quality and settings of your detectors on site. In order to calibrate those as precisely as possible, we strongly recommend that testing be performed in house prior to use of our MPD products.  OUr MDP test cards are designed to be put through your detectors before an investment in MARTOR MDP safety knives in order to check their sensitivity and after at regular intervals.